50 Words a Story Make

About a month ago I submitted a 50-word story at the behest of Joy Lennick (tweet @joylennick, or check out her blog).

I thought you might find it interesting. A beginning, a middle, and an end were the only criteria for the story. Here you go:

So, you talking' to me?

So, you talkin’ to me?

Stan, the cherub was bored.”Missed you at supper,” Mike said, passing by. “Back off,” Stan said. Mike turned. “What’s got into you?” he asked. Stan kicked at a shard of broken lightning on the firmament. “Don’t know,” he said, catching his reflection in the shard. “There’s gotta be more…”

As an old theater professor told me once: “Restrictions are our friends in the theater. The best theater I ever saw was done with sofa pillows and crepe paper!” Thank you, Mr. Schulz, for that sage advice. When I know that the playground has a fence – when there is an imposed horizon – it spurs me on to greater creativity. I find myself challenged to use the tools at my disposal to make something that delights (me, at least).

What do you think of as a roadblock? An albatross? Turn it around and ask yourself, how can I use this obstacle creatively? It’s amazing what that shift in perspective will do to restore a sense of adventure and joy to your journey.

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