My name is Reg Grant. I’m the husband of the wonder-filled Lauren, and father to Rosalyn, Gabe, and Nick – all artists in their own rights, and living in the Big Apple and Big D. I’m PoP! to Evan, our nearly two-year-old grandson (Lauren is “Lolly”).

I’m the firstborn son of my petroleum engineering-rancher father, Max, and my sweetheart of a mom, Happy. I grew up cowboying and acting, reading and writing make-believe stories and poetry. When Dad read to us at night, you never knew who might show up – Shakespeare, Will James, or Reddy Fox, or Sammy Bluejay, or the Merry Little Breezes. And this from the engineer in the family!

I started acting when I was about 8 1/2, which means I’ve been at it for over a half century. I’ve learned far more of what doesn’t work than of what does, but that comes with the creative territory I’ve staked out for myself.

I love my Lord Jesus Christ, who saved me from a life of masks, and selfishness, and greed, and introduced me to the stage of life I now joyfully occupy.

I look forward to kicking back and visiting with you around the evening campfire. We’ll poke the logs (theology and the arts) and stir up some sparks that will rise and turn into orange shooting stars.

It will be fun.

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