Book It! (Part 2)

Helpful Books from Reg Grant & John Reed on Storytelling and Preaching Available on Kindle

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In addition to my novels, Storm (the story of Martin Luther), and Ebony Moon (a modern retelling of the book of Ruth), I have co-authored a couple of non-fiction volumes that are practical help books. Here’s a brief overview:

Telling Stories to Touch the Heart

Telling Stories to Touch the Heart. I co-wrote this book with Dr. John Reed, my friend and mentor at Dallas Seminary. If you are a preacher, a Sunday School teacher, or a person who simply wants to learn how to tell stories that are true to the Bible, then Telling Stories to Touch the Heart is the book for you. Telling Stories will help you prepare and perform dramatic stories from the Bible – everything from how to study the text, to how to write the manuscript, to the basics of effective rehearsal, and onto performance.

Stories are like jokes. Everyone loves to hear them, but not everyone can tell them. John Reed and Reg Grant have mastered the storyteller’s art and they pass their secrets on to us. Teachers will profit from reading this book – and so will their students.” Haddon Robinson, Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

The Power Sermon

The Power Sermon: Countdown to Quality Messages for Maximum Impact. If you preach, this book will help you construct and deliver sermons with excellence – sermons that are accurate, clear, interesting, and relevant. Our goal in writing the book is to provide a handbook for preaching that will encourage you to construct sermons that will honor our great trinitarian God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – every time you preach.

What a blessing to know that there is help for the preacher, this book is outstanding. I did not know that preaching without notes could be done in such a simple way. Great advice for anyone wanting help with putting together sermons.This book is easy to follow with its step by step instructions.” From a Customer Review

I hope they are helpful and encouraging to you as you prepare messages that are biblical and relevant to those you love and serve.

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    • Hi Yesse – go to the “store” tab on my web page, and click on the link for the book(s) you would like. The links will take you to Amazon. Kindle is the cheapest way to go and they are all available electronically. If you have any trouble let me know!