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Starting today you can link to Amazon to get Kindle versions of my books. Thanks to Wayne Stiles for his patience and help in getting these links up and running!.  Check out Wayne’s website at His theme is Connecting the Bible and its Lands to Life. You will love it.

Here’s a brief synopsis of two of my four books.


Storm: a novel on the life of Martin Luther.  He is regarded today as one of the most influential figures in the history of the world. But to those who knew him intimately, Martin Luther was more than just the leader of an important historical revolt; he was a man of vision, commitment, and passion, determined to serve his Lord and purify the degenerate world church.

Personal reflection: This book took five years to research and write, and it was a joy. I’ve written a screenplay adaptation based loosely on the novel and covering the years 1505-1525, some of the most interesting years of his life, and focusing on his relationship with Kate Von Bora. Working title: Kate and Martin.  By the way – happy Martin Luther King Day!

Ebony Moon

Ebony Moon: a modern retelling of the book of Ruth. Instead of Israel and Moab in the 11th century B.C., we find our characters in South Texas and Mexico in 1959. When Eli King and his small Texas family headed south to find safety and relief from a severe drought, they encountered a far greater danger than they left behind.

Our heroine, Maria, was born in the Mexican village of Dolores Hidalgo during a lunar eclipse – an ebony moon. Maria struggles to overcome the superstitions that accompany such an evil omen. Then she meets Marty King, in a graveyard on a particularly beautiful night when the moon was full, and her life begins to change.

Personal reflection:  I wrote this novel because of two great loves in my life: the book of Ruth, and my love for the land of South Texas and Mexico. The book of Ruth is so beautifully written with its emphasis on the loyal love of God for His people, that I wanted to set it in a place that was close to my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

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In my next blog I’ll introduce you to the two textbooks I’ve written with Dr. John Reed: Telling Stories to Touch the Heart, and The Power Sermon.

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