Boston or Bust!

Our 40 1/2 Anniversary Excursion into Red Sox Nation


It’s been a few days since my last posting. That’s because Lauren and I have been madly prepping for our 5-month delayed anniversary getaway. We couldn’t travel in December (the 28th is our anniv.), so we put it off until now.

I’m using part of my time away to experiment with the new GoPro4 Silver. Maybe I’ll figure out how to post some of the stuff I shoot. We’ll see. The main thing is – We are celebrating 40+ years of a fantastic marriage and a still-growiing friendship.

We brought Texas rain with us. It was chilly and very wet when we landed. Gray skies blanketed Boston for most of the day, but the rain didn’t dampen our fun. We walked about half of the Freedom Trail and just had fun talking.

And we miss Evan! Ollie sent us some pix and promised to do some Facetime tonight.

How refreshing this is! The Bostonians give me a playfully rough time over my Texas Rangers Baseball Cap, and my World Series shirt, but that’s part of the fun. We will be walking across the street to Fenway tonight (you can see it from our Hotel windows) to see our Texas Rangers BEAT the Sox off of the BRS! Tomorrow: a walking tour of some of the best eateries in Boston. There are many! I’ll have recommendations!

So, bear with me as I depart from the Arts and Theology focus, and just have some fun time with my sweetheart. I’ll share a few highlights with you along the way.


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2 thoughts on “Boston or Bust!

  1. Way to go Reg & Lauren. So it’s been 4o years and 5 months since the ceremony in Waco! Man, we were young and good looking then!!