Relax and smile. It's done. Get some Ben & Jerry's!

Rosalyn & Evan

OK, so you voted. Or not. Either way, it’s a done deal.

No recounts. No more debates. Time to sit by an autumn fire and enjoy a good book — or a short blog by your old buddy here.

Just the other day Evan was reading a poem titled, I Must Remember from Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein. By the way, he’s 3, so “reading” is a relative term — the relative in this case being his mom, our daughter, Rosalyn.

The poem has a picture of a very fat man that really made an impression on Evan. He stared at the picture and then at his mom and said, “His tummy is so big!”

“Yes,” Rosalyn said, “it is.”

Evan looked down. “And my tummy is little.”


“Littlewunstu!” Evan said.

“Littlewunstu? What’s that?” Ros asked.

“Littlewunstu from from the Jesus song.”

“What Jesus song”

Evan starts to sing:

Jesus loves me, this I know.
For the Bible tells me so.
Littlewunstu Him belong…”

Then he stopped and smiled.

So did Mommy, and Lolly, and PoP!

It’s nice to be reminded during these days of political sturm und drang that God is in control after the last ballot is cast.

That peace can be our portion as we trust in Him with childlike faith.

And that Littlewunsto Him belong.

OK, time for the Ben & Jerry’s. Try Everything But Th… 

It won’t leave you with a little tummy, but it’ll start you singing!

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One thought on “Breathe!

  1. Thanks, Reg, for reminding us to find our joy. And what a beautiful picture of Ros and Evan. God’s blessings on you brother.