DTS Arts & Worship Courses for Spring!

Sign Up October 5 - for Spring 2016 Courses!

Courses are up and available for you to register beginning October 5! Here are the Media Arts and Worship courses that will be offered Spring 2016.

Tim Basselin

Tim Basselin

MW103 – A Christian View of Art

Explore the theology of art viewing and art making, focusing on the incarnation and the imagination.  We will develop personal philosophies of art and put those philosophies into dialogue with artists and art movements throughout history.

MW304 – Theology and contemporary Literature

Extended practice in reading literature well, reading culture well, and thinking theologically about both.  We will read Camus, Kesey, Updike, O’Connor, DeVries, Potok, Morrison, Robinson, Endo, and Lamott, as well as selected essays in critical theory.

MW905Theology at Sundance

Snow. Mountain air. And MOVIES.  A one-week trip to Park City, Utah to attend the largest independent film festival in the world. We’ll join the Windrider Forum and talk theology with 100 other Christians from around the country that are interested in film.


Reg Grant

Reg Grant

MW303 – Advanced Creative Writing

If you dream of writing a novel, a collection of short stories, a teleplay, film script, first-person narrative sermon, or literary non-fiction, this course will launch you. Prerequisite: MW301 Creative Writing in Ministry.

MW802 – Dramatizing Scripture

Having acted for over 50 years for film, stage, television, and radio drama in the US, and in many countries around the world, I can say with confidence that memorizing and performing the Word of God is the most fulfilling and spiritually nourishing form of drama that I have ever experienced. Experience the Word as never before, as you learn to help others see and hear it in a dynamic new way.




Sandra Glahn

Sandra Glahn

MW302 – Writing for Publication

If you have seminary training, you have a message worth sharing. But how do you get it to a broader audience? We’ll show you. More than half of those with zero publishing experience usually get published before the semester even ends.

MW905 – Calvin Festival: Writing & Writers

Travel to Grand Rapids, attend the biennial Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing conference, meet top-tier authors (think Pulitzers and National Book Awards) who write winsomely about faith, complete reading, writing, and community assignments (share a house, read a book in common, discuss), and voila—three hours’ credit.

MW905 – Worship Arts in the Church

Brave the cold traveling to Grand Rapids. Attend the Calvin Institute’s annual conference on integrating the arts into Christian worship, complete reading, writing, and community (share a house, discuss theology and the arts) assignments. Experience beauty. And boom. Three more hours closer to graduation.



Keith Yates

MW401 – Graphic Design for Ministry

Graphic Design encompasses everything from logos and brochures to signage and web design. Yes, God gave some of us artistic ability but you can still learn the principles of design: color, balance, even font usage, to make your visual communications much more effective. We’ll be using Adobe Creative Cloud (to make you more creative!).







Don Regier

Don Regier

MW502 – Media Presentations

A hands-on exploration of speaker-support media for face-to-face teaching, with emphasis on clear communication and aesthetic design. 1 hour.







Glenn Kreider

Glenn Kreider

MW905 – Special Topics in Media Arts: SXSW

South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, TX (SXSW) provides a unique opportunity to experience the convergence of music, film, and technology. This course is a multi-sensory cultural immersion experience.

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