Ebony Moon

by Reg Grant

When the small Texas family headed south to find safety, the encountered a far greater danger than they left behind.

Their faith was strong, but was the price of faith too high?

The lush green mountains of central Mexico seemed to welcome the desperate King family with promises of comfort and prosperity. Fleeing the savage drought that forced the closing of their South Texas ranch, Eli, Hattie, and their sons, Marty and Carl, hoped to find a new beginning in the sleepy village of Dolores.

But great evil is at work and Dolores.

  • The locals whisper that the phantom stallion seen galloping through the town is an omen of disaster for the newcomers.
  • Livestock are mysteriously slaughtered.
  • Inquisitive townspeople disappear.
  • Extortion and murder soon become as common as tumbleweeds blown in from the surrounding desert.

The villagers are helpless, paralyzed by superstition and fear. Even the church and its priest are powerless against such a ruthless enemy.

Will the kings and their small circle of Christian friends dare to take a stand? And when the terror and the tragedy are over, will the light of the world still shine behind the Ebony Moon?


Ebony Moon

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