Guest Blog: Dr. Sandra Glahn

Part 3 in a 4-Part Series on Writing

Part 3 in the 4-part series on writing by Dr. Sandra Glahn.

Sandra Glahn

Dr. Sandra Glahn


Sandra Glahn

Measure success accurately. If you are a writer, you will be tempted to measure your own success by a number of externals that have nothing to do with your worth. Tell yourself they are lies.

Someone once told me that the only human-made structure visible from space was not the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower or even the tallest building in the world, but only the Great Wall of China. Think of all the amazing structures that “failed” to make that list. But that does not make these structures failures. It just means that when measured by one narrow definition of success, they failed.

As writers, any number of false measures can make us feel like losers. Did our last book fail to earn out its advance? Did we do a book tour? Did the work gain rave reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal? These are not accurate measures of whether we can write. Lots of crummy books have sold big. Many divergent books have made their authors lots of money, but that does not make the books or the authors successes.

At one time, I thought doing a book signing would indicate I had really arrived. Imagine my humiliation when I had to share a book-signing table with a famous person who had a long line of fans lined up out the door while I had nobody. Well, okay, one person. But she probably felt sorry for me. Still, that book itself changed some lives for the good. The humiliating signing experience had no correlation with the book’s success or mine.

So measure not by money or fame, but in influence on human flourishing. And of course, that is impossible to measure. Which is precisely my point.

Deadly Cure


The explosive continuation of the story begun in the best-seller, Lethal Harvest.

What others are saying about Deadly Cure:

“Once again, Dr. Cutrer and Mrs. Glahn have produced a winner! An excellent combination of just enough “technese” and compelling characters makes this a “must read”.

“A chilling look at the seamier side of bio-genetic research and a frightening glimpse into the dangers medical workers face every day.”

“Cutrer and Glahn have again teamed to produce a thought-provoking plot that will keep the reader emotionally connected with the characters first met in Lethal Harvest, along with the introduction of several new faces to the cast.”

“Again, Dr. Cutrer and Ms. Glahn have captured the current challenge in biomedical ethics – just because we can do it, should we?”

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