Love as Warm as Tears

No Room for Soft Sentimentality at Easter


One of my favorite Easter poems is by C. S. Lewis. In a brief, free-flowing poem of just 32 lines, he captures the nature of the uncompromising love of the Lord Jesus for all of us. Each of us.

He loved us corporately (He so loved the world… John 3:16), and He loved us individually. This Easter, take a few minutes to sit and ponder the deep love of Jesus for you as a member of the Body of Christ, but also for you as His child, made in His image, raised with Him on this Resurrection Sunday!


C.S. Lewis

Love’s as warm as tears,

Love is tears

Pressure within the brain,

Tension at the throat,

Deluge, weeks of rain,

Haystacks afloat,

Featureless seas between

Hedges, where once was green

Love’s as fierce as fire,

Love is fire:

All sorts–Infernal heat

Clinkered with greed and pride,

Lyric desire, sharp-sweet,

Laughing, even when denied,

And that empyreal flame

Whence all loves came.

Love’s as fresh as spring,

Love is spring:

Bird-song in the air,

Cool smells in a wood,

Whispering “Dare! Dare!”

To sap, to blood,

Telling “Ease, safety, rest,

Are good; not best.”

Love’s as hard as nails,

Love is nails:

Blunt, thick, hammered through

The medial nerves of One

Who, having made us, knew

The thing He had done,

Seeing (what all that is)

Our cross, and His.

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