Merry Christmas – Even Though…

Some Days, the Bed has Two Wrong Sides

"Merry Christmas!" – even though...

“Merry Christmas!” – even though…

It all started when I dropped my “Boppy” blanket over the edge of my crib when it was still way dark. Then, when I said “Uh-oh,” my “Paci” fell out and landed on top of Boppy! Way down there on the floor!

Thankfully, it was closer to getting up time than I thought, and PoP! shows up right on cue. It’s the same every morning. I hear him waiting on the other side of my bedroom door, then the password – a soft, “Hey!” from PoP! I counter with my own “Hey!” to which PoP! responds, “Hey you!” I say, “Hey you!” back, and then the door flies open and in comes PoP!

“Merry Christmastime, Evan! So, how’s my boy, this morning? Did Jesus give you sweet dreams?”

I’m understandably upset over the lost Boppy/Paci fiasco, and can only whine a half-hearted, “memmy cizmuzzz”. And to complicate things, my diaper is so full, PoP! has trouble carrying me to the changing table where SOMEONE forgot to put on the coverlet, so it’s just ice cold plastic. The butt paste is like ice, the talcum powder makes me sneeze, and the sticky part of my new diaper didn’t quite close the gap.

OK, I tell myself, it’s time for breakfast and – and… I can’t make up my mind. Cheerios? Pankcakes? No, I decide on chocolate and peanut butter cookies! PoP! doesn’t understand. Lolly tries to explain that chocolate and cookies are not on the breakfast menu, and Mommy says, “what am I, crazy?” So, it’s Cheerios.

Then – surprise! I get to go to Mothers Day Out for a special Christmas Program! And I’m thinking, “A change of pace would do me good! I’ll bet Miss Sarah and Miss Tara will give me some cookies once Mom is out of sight!”

But no.

They have these conformist “Christmas T-shirts” they want me to put over my comfortable green shirt. “C’mon, Evan, you’ll be so cute!” Ugh. I thought, “I march to the beat of my own little drummer boy. Plus I’m feeling a little overwhelmed – maybe a little performance anxiety plus another full diaper. I don’t know.”

Then, it’s time to sing! And it’s loud! And, well, as you can see from the photo, I kind of lose it. All the kids are singing about Jesus in a manger, and I’m wondering if He ever had a day like this. I wonder if He ever had to wear something that wasn’t fun. Or if He ever cried, or felt like he didn’t fit in.

One thing, I know because Mommy, and PoP! and Lolly say so – Jesus loves me no matter how I feel. Plus, Christmas is only 4 night-night times away. And tomorrow, my uncles, Giaccomo and Tio Niko get here from their home in Brooklyn!

It may be Monday, but Friday is coming!

Plus, cookies!

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