New York Arts Adventure…

Discovering Hearts on Fire for Jesus Christ in the City



It’s Thursday, and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to jot a note. Dallas Theological Seminary (where I teach), sent us to New York City with two goals: 1) to say thank you to a few of our grads who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ so well here, and 2) to see if there might be an interest among artists in the city for some DTS courses in the arts. Here are just a few of the many who are lighting up the city with the Light of the World.

Gregg and Linda Hagg. Gregg serves with Chosen People Ministries, a Christian outreach to the jewish people, many of whom are situated in the heart of the Hasidic community in Brooklyn. Greg and Linda have been friends for 40 years and have welcomed us into their home in Plainfield, NJ numerous times. They provide us a base of operations, and wonderful support in prayer and encouraging fellowship for our ministry in the city.

We have been hopping all over New York, meeting with a variety of old friends, making new friends, sharing our vision for a DTS/NYC artists collaboration, praying for the Lord to lead and give us His heart for New York. Here’s a lighting survey of a portion of our adventure to date.

Monday – Jim & Jackie Edwards, old buds from back in 2013 serving in a local church made up of hard-working people. Many are holding down two or more jobs to pay the bills. Their estimation of chances for a course: slim to none. No time, and limited financial resources.

Tuesday – Malachy Williams, FOX producer. Amazingly talented woman, DTS Arts grad, soon to complete her Ph.D. at Fuller. Malachy is an industry leader – a bright light for Jesus Christ in mainstream media. Her estimation of chances for a course/courses in theology and the arts: good.

Mitch Glaser – President, Chosen People Ministries, and a longtime friend. Mitch provided a seasoned perspective on working with Christians in the performing arts, many of whom are jewish believers. His evaluation of our proposal for courses in NYC: very good. He provided me with a list of industry leaders whom I will call for future meetings.

Jordan Scott Gilbert – Actor, producer (Ghost, on Broadway & others). Jordan radiates the love of Christ, and shares our desire to reveal Christ through his work in the theater. He produces plays in the beautiful Times Square Church at 42nd and Broadway. The venue, a broadway theater that is in the heart of the most vibrant theater environment in the world, is now a thriving church filled with Christians who are dedicated to reaching their “Jerusalem” through the arts. Jordan’s evaluation of our proposal: very good, and wants to partner with us in offering courses.

There are others. I’ll tell you about them over the next few days. Please pray for direction, for protection, for wisdom in our conversations. We love these people. And we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with them in serving the Lord though the arts!





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