Starting Fresh…

A New Semester & Lots of Adventures in Store

Gabe & Evan Blowin' in the Wind

Gabe & Evan Blowin’ in the Wind

We had a great time together with Gabe, Nick, Rosalyn, Lauren, the indomitable Evan in Estes Park, CO. It was our first ever “get-away” vacation, where I wasn’t working and could spend time with my wonderful family!

Beginning Monday, September 7, we enter week #3 of the Fall 2015 semester at DTS! It’s taken me awhile to get my bearing since returning from Greece, but I have settled in and have a great bunch of students from whom I am prepared to learn much as I teach.

Many of you have asked about the status of I Have Thinks… My agent has it in hand and we are looking for a publisher. I’ll keep you posted on developments!

Lauren and I will be traveling to NYC in about a week to say thank you to some of our graduates and to test the waters regarding distance/hybrid course offerings for next year. I’m looking forward to a brief reunion with my pal, Dr. Gregg Hagg, who works alongside the mellifluous Mitch Glaser, the head honcho at Chosen People Ministries in Brooklyn. Gregg lead Lauren to the Lord back in the Cretaceous, and taught me Greek while I waited to get into DTS. He and his incredible wife, Linda, have been our mentors and friends for lo, these many years. It’s such a treat to get to visit them.

Please pray for our trip. We will be there September 14-20, meeting with lots of artists!

OK – plans for our time together! We will continue to cover the arts and theology – I will be digging into the Word, offering an artist’s perspective on passages as I study them. I’ll provide the occasional movie and book review, keep you posted on our goings-on at DTS as they relate to the arts, and will keep you posted on Evan’s world as he continues to grow way too fast.

Blessings on all of you. Let me hear from you, and I’ll do my best to respond.

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