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Here you’ll find all my current books and products. For more details, click on the “More Info” button at the end of each product description. If you need assistance or have a question, just contact me.

Storm by Reg Grant


A Novel from Reg Grant on the Life of Martin Luther

One man of God is about to change the face of faith forever.

He is regarded today as one of the most influential figures in the history of the world. But to those who knew him intimately, Martin Luther was more than just the leader of an important historical revolt; he was a man of vision, commitment, and passion, determined to serve his Lord and purify the degenerate world church.

Ebony Moon by Reg Grant


A novel by Reg Grant

When the small Texas family headed south to find safety, the encountered a far greater danger than they left behind. Their faith was strong, but was the price of faith too high? Fleeing the savage drought that forced the closing of their South Texas ranch, Eli, Hattie, and their sons, Marty and Carl, hoped to find a new beginning in the sleepy village of Dolores.

But great evil is at work and Dolores.

Telling Stories to Touch the Hear by Reg Grant and John Reed


by Reg Grant and John Reed

Good things happen when you tell a story. As you start, chattering slows to a stop, movement freezes, and all eyes focus on you, the storyteller. People are listening . . .

Why don’t we stuff biblical truth into gelatin-coated pills that are quick and easy to swallow and guaranteed not to affect our appetite for the tasty stuff the world has to offer?

The Power Sermon by Reg Grant and John Reed


by Reg Grant and John Reed

If your preaching is struggling to get off the ground, we want to help get you back into the air. This flight manual will walk you through the 11 steps toward delivering quality messages.

We want you to know how to package your material for maximum impact.

And you can.

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