Telling Stories to Touch the Heart

by Reg Grant and John Reed

Good things happen when you tell a story.

As you start, chattering slows to a stop, movement freezes, and all eyes focus on you, the storyteller. People are listening . . .

Why don’t we stuff biblical truth into gelatin-coated pills that are quick and easy to swallow and guaranteed not to affect our appetite for the tasty stuff the world has to offer?

The answer: a well-told story touches the whole person—not just his or her intellect.

You can ditch an annoying intellectual proposition without much effort, like flicking away a pesky mosquito. But try that with a story that has scraped your emotions raw. Try to ignore a parable that has battered your rebellious will into a defenseless pulp.

You can’t. And neither can those who listen to you tell stories. Here’s why.

It’s More than a Story

A good story doesn’t permit mere casual observation. It wraps you up in truth and connection and won’t let go.

  • You are there—in the story.
  • Your imagination is kindled.
  • You are involved.
  • You interact with truth on a deep and personal level because you are in the story—and now the story is in you.

Then it’s over, and you sit in the embrace of truth.

This book will help you meet the exciting challenge of telling stories to touch the heart.


Telling Stories to Touch the Heart

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