The Power Sermon

by Reg Grant and John Reed

11 Steps Will Help You Deliver Quality Messages for Maximum Impact

If your preaching is struggling to get off the ground, we want to help get you back into the air. This flight manual will walk you through the steps toward sermon preparation.

But most of this book focuses on your sermon itself. We want you to know how to package your material for maximum impact.

And you can.


T minus eleven questions to sermon liftoff and counting:

  • Eleven. What is this sermon about?
  • Ten. What does the rest of the Bible say about my subject?
  • Nine. Where is the sermon going?
  • Eight. How do I get started?
  • Seven. How do I keep from missing a turn?
  • Six. What do I do when I arrive at my destination?
  • Five. How do I keep the trip interesting and enjoyable?
  • Four. How can I make sure the style is right for the trip?
  • Three. How do I pace myself so that I arrive on time?
  • Two. Can I remember the way, or must I keep glancing at the map?
  • One. Do I have to go the same way every time?

Ignition … We have power!

It’s a clean liftoff—and another sermon is on its way to a divinely appointed rendezvous— a carefully chosen destination that will meet needs of the passengers on board.

Following the “power sermon model” will provide maximum impact into your messages through:

  • Exegetical accuracy
  • Person-to-person relevance
  • Expressive clarity
  • Interesting style

Are you ready to fly?


 The Power Sermon

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